DEMAREE: Will Dr. Lou Skip Holtz?

The University of Kentucky will play East Carolina in the Liberty Bowl located in Memphis, Tennessee on January 2. It will be UK's third straight bowl appearance and they will be looking for their third straight bowl win. That hasn't been done since some of these players' Granddads were playing football.

UK stands to get plenty of publicity leading up to the bowl game. Why? Skip Holtz, the son of ESPN's Lou Holtz, coaches East Carolina. Former Head coach Lou Holtz is the entertaining analyst that espouses his football expertise on pre-game and half time college match ups for ESPN.

Another part of the ESPN crew is Mark May and he provides a great deal of entertainment with his and Lou Holtz's banter on game strategies and their pre-game predictions. The entertaining thing would be as they often do wind up on different sides with their predictions. In a match like this, the Red Sea would part again before Lou Holtz picks against Skip Holtz. It's always good theater when they pick against each other. Perhaps Mark May picks Kentucky just to make it interesting.

We asked Mitch Barnhart about the possible publicity the Wildcats could get for the father/son scenario? "I'm sure of it," an amused Barnhart said. "Lou picked his son's team to win, sort of on Saturday against Tulsa. Then Mark May jumped in and said no way. Then seven turnovers they won the football game. They are a good football team. They started the year as hot as anybody and they had some injuries like we did and they struggled but they found a way to win their league."

Barnhart said he was lobbied by some of the players, namely Jeremy Jarmon, who is from the Memphis area (Germantown). At a time-out of the UK-Mississippi Valley basketball game Jarmon along with offensive captain Tony Dixon and defensive captain Braxton Kelly came to center court. Jarmon had a cordless mike in his hand and made the official announcement of the Liberty Bowl to the Rupp Arena crowd. Barnhart was so impressed at the persuasive way he was in great gratitude of the fans in getting to this point and to support them in the Memphis. "Perhaps we should consider adding him to our marketing department," Barnhart said in a kinda – sorta, tongue-in-cheek way.

Jarmon was asked if he had watched East Carolina? He said yes, he had also watched Tulsa. "I've been watching those teams over the last couple of weeks. It's a funny story. A lot of the football players, we play on X-BOX LIVE, which is online internet, which is like the online game internet and several of us actually have teams that are in the Conference USA teams so I have a lot of those teams fully scouted out and East Carolina is one of them.

Braxton Kelly was asked what he thought about the possible publicity along with playing this game? "I know Lou Holtz is going to pick East Carolina," Kelly laughed. "He's one of those guys I like to watch on TV. In his talking, a lot of the times he's right, a lot of the times he's wrong. You just have to take it like it is. I'm not one of those guys that judge's my play and the other teams play based upon what a commentator says even though he was a coach. He knows a player when he sees one. You know he gives his son a lot of tips and it would mean a lot to go out and beat the coaches son." We told Kelley that in the event of a Kentucky win, Lou Holt is going to reference that fact that UK had a good defense earlier in the year. "Yeah he's going to be saying that. Hopefully we'll make him say that because we are really trying go in and try to get back to our old selves and shut this team down like we did earlier against some teams.

So UK's defense has the chance at two for the price of one and what better deal than a Holtz harvest.

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