WALKER: Liggins will become more effective

The more I watch DeAndre Liggins play, the more I like him. He shoots the ball a little bit better than I thought he would, especially when he gets his feet set. It doesn't look pretty. It's awkward from behind the head, but it has been very effective for him.

I think he really has a good feel for the game. I have noticed when he's in the game, he's trying to push the tempo and keeps his head up and passes the ball ahead. I do think when he does play a few more minutes, I think he will develop a better chemistry with the guys he's playing with and I think his turnovers will come down. The thing I really like about him is that he can penetrate the ball and create for others. He is a pretty good defender, too.

I love Michael Porter. And give him credit. He's played hard through this whole thing. He's in a tough position. He's just not blessed with the speed, quickness and everything you need at that position -- and that's not his fault. He's battled and doing the best he can. But Liggins' play and development will probably be the key factor in how well Kentucky fares in the SEC and probably any postseason play.

I like it when he plays with Kevin Galloway. That gives you two ballhandlers and two tenacious defenders. You don't waste any time in transition because either guy can push it down the floor. I think that combination can be very effective. It might be lacking a little bit offensively, but it gives you ballhandling on the floor and Galloway could end up being the X-factor the second half of the season along with Liggins.

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