WALKER: Better foe would help Louisville game

Kentucky is going to Freedom Hall to play its annual home game this Saturday and that brings back some fond memories for me. It was a little different back then and the atmosphere is not what it was back when I played. We used to get 17,000 people for the shootaround that morning.

For me, I loved Freedom Hall. All my career highs came at Freedom Hall. I loved playing there. They have great, soft rims and a really bouncy floors. Because it is an old building, the background is really dark and it looks like you are playing in a place that is smaller. I always enjoyed it because you always felt on center stage.

I don't know exactly what has happened to the atmosphere, but I think it may have a lot to do with the opponent. You need a good opponent to get fans excited now. Most of the time we had good teams like Kansas or Notre Dame to play there and that helped out.

Not to say my time was better than now, but there just does not seem to be the spark and enthusiasm now that there used to be. Maybe it is because of teams we have played. Maybe we need to go back and get a quality opponent to get the fans going again.

But I think it is a great idea to play in Louisville. I will never change my mind about that because we have so many fans there and you want to keep that fan base happy. I was very disappointed when we ended the series up in Cincinnati a few years ago. I travel the state and I know how important it is for people to have opportunities like that to see UK play because they can't get to Rupp Arena. So I hope they keep going to Louisville and maybe just upgrade the opponent a little bit.

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