Couch on UK recruiting

The topic of our conversation were two participants in the Class AAA state football championship — UK commits Ridge Wilson and Mister Cobble playing for Central against Breathitt County.

On my way to Louisville for the state high school football championships, I had the chance to talk to with some buddies of mine about Kentucky football recruiting. The topic of our conversation were two participants in the Class AAA state football championship — UK commits Ridge Wilson and Mister Cobble playing for Central against Breathitt County.

They were very opinionated about both players, but most of the concerns they had were directed at Mister Cobble mainly because of his size. He's listed at 6-0. 270 and that's not your prototypical defensive tackle in the SEC. But I wanted to see the kid play before I was quick to judge because after all I can't remember too many people being in awe of my presence.

Let's be honest. Size certainly does help but there are many more attributes that go into making a football player. Just to name a few: good feet, nose for the football, technique, leverage and a few things you just can't measure if you know what I mean.

I was intrigued with the matchup because Breathitt County has relied on a possible D-1 running back in Channing Fugute , a 225-pound bruiser of running back that went over the 3,000 yard mark during the championship game. It would be a good gauge of how both Wilson and Cobble would be able to play against the run to help stop a very good running team. This is what I saw and my impressions of both these future Cats: Mister Cobble — In reality, Cobble wasn't facing a great line but I will say that Breathitt wasn't small, I either. I know from playing against a Coach Holcomb team they played hard. Mister Cobble was unstoppable. He finished the game with 8.5 tackles and 3 tackles for a loss. What impressed me about Cobble was how hard he played. Not only was he a terror on defense, he played center on offense and I thought did a fantastic job. He knows how to block and was instrumental in establishing a running attack that just wore down Breathitt. Cobble was very effective with his ability to get to the next level and block linebackers and even the secondary on occasions. He has very good feet and plays strong for his size. Coach Holcomb had nothing but praise for this young man after the game and pretty much said he was unstoppable and was instrumental in helping Central win back to back championships. Ridge Wilson — The first thing that you see when you look at Wilson is he's a very athletic player. He's a kid that can add a lot of weight to his lanky 6-4 frame. He played both linebacker and defensive end depending on the down and distance. One knock on Wilson is does he play hard on every play? With the abilities he has, he maybe he can afford to take a play off and it will not affect on his production. But I did not get this impression while watching him lead his team in tackles with nine. He's so smooth when he runs some people might not think he's going as hard as he can. I always had that problem myself. (HA! HA!)

He played tight end on offense and did a nice job blocking at the point of attack. I don't know exactly where Kentucky plans on playing Wilson, but I really feel he has a ton of potential and with a redshirt year could be a factor at whatever position he plays at UK. I myself could see him adding 20-30 pounds and being a terror coming off the edge at defensive end I was encouraged by what I saw. I think both players will probably redshirt which will only help their development. I think both players were deserving of their offers and hopefully will help us with a couple of juniors that will be major D-1 prospects in 2010 class. Maybe we can start a new pipeline like the one that runs to LaGrange, Ga. Check out Tim Patterson, a junior linebacker that might be the best player in the state this year. Wry Stewart Robinson is another player to be on the watch for.

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