Walker: Looking at Jodie's big game

Jodie Meeks had a huge game against Appalachian State. How does his game compare with big time performances by Dan Issel, Tay Prince, and Goose Givens? Kenny Walker weighs in looking at the game from an historical perspective.

Jodie Meek's recent 46-point performance against Appalachian State was certainly one of those memorable games any Kentucky player has ever had and it got me to thinking about what was the best individual performance I have seen by a UK player.

I saw Tayshaun Prince's performance against North Carolina when he hit all those 3-pointers, and that was a great one, as was his 41-point performance in the NCAA Tournament. I have watched the 1978 NCAA championship game and obviously Jack Givens' play considering the stage of the championship game, that is the best in UK history.

I am a big fan of Dan Issel and have seen a lot of highlights of him and I know how well he could score. He has all the individual records, too.

I almost forgot about Melvin Turpin. He had 42 points down at Tennessee one year and 42 against Georgia in the SEC Tournament. The thing that made those performances so impressive was that he only missed a few shots the entire games. I would still put Jodie's performance among the top three I have seen by a Kentucky player, but for Jack Givens to score 41 points against Duke in that 1978 title game will be hard to ever top. That is such a huge stage with everyone watching and that is a dream situation to have happen.

I tell people all the all the time that my senior year, which was Eddie Sutton's first year, that I really believe if we had made the Final Four, they would have had to carry me off the court on a stretcher. I always prided myself on playing hard, but I wanted one more shot at that national title considering the way things went against Georgetown in 1984 for us. The Final Four is a stage that every player lives for. You can't beat that and that is why Jack's performance is so impressive and always will be to me.

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