WALKER: Cats can defeat Cardinals

Kenny Walker writes, "When the season started, I probably didn't think Kentucky could beat Louisville. But it absolutely could happen now. Kentucky is playing better, we match up well against Louisville and Louisville has not played to its potential. It will be an interesting game at Louisville, but we can win."

The Kentucky-Louisville game will probably come down to the backcourt; and which backcourt plays the best. I think Louisville's guards have underachieved just a bit this year and our guards are starting to play well. The frontcourt match ups are pretty even. We have good big guys and they have guys who can score and do things. That's why I think it will come down to the guards and who can handle the pressure, changing defenses and make plays.

Don't expect Rick Pitino to press all the time. Expect to see some zone. But the team that has guards who can handle the changing schemes and tempo of the game will probably win.

For Kentucky, there could be some match up problems. I like the way Preston Knowles plays off the bench. Terrence Williams is a guy who is listed as a forward but he can be a match up problem in the backcourt. Really, the wild card is Edgar Sosa. He is a guy who had a great freshman year and has been up and down since then. If he is playing well, he can be hard to contain.

It will also be interesting to see how they handle our bigger guards because I think we are going to have a little advantage in size in most situations. How we use our height to score, defend and rebound against Louisville's smaller, quicker guards will be big and how we defend the 3-point shot will be big.

Kentucky needs someone to score well other than just Patrick Patterson and Jodie Meeks, too. I look at guys like DeAndre Liggins and Kevin Galloway not as much from a scoring perspective, but from how they can handle different situations and keep Kentucky in sync. Those guys have to handle the ball, recognize defense and initiate the offense. I think those two guys are the key to the game because they can do so many things, and it has nothing to do with scoring. They can break down the defense and get the ball to Patterson and Meeks and those guys have proven they can score.

Perry Stevenson could possibly be big, too. Stevenson has to be a garbage man and create opportunities for himself in transition and on the offensive glass. He could easily be a big contributor.

So will Kentucky win?

We have a shot. I like our chances a lot better now than when the season started, but I am not ready to guarantee a win and go out on a limb to do that. However, I will say that I like our chances of coming away with a win.

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