Fan Talk: UK Basketball SEC Expectations

Now that the pre-conference portion of Kentucky's schedule is finished, the Wildcats will now focus on the SEC. The Wildcats seem to be making progress, but what are the expectations of this edition of Gillispie's Cats? Kentucky fans speak out.

BloomingtonCat1: We should compete for the SEC title. We are UK. I expect an SEC conference title. To do that we have to reduce turnovers to less than 15 per game. We must pound the ball inside and limit 3 point shots to less than 10-12 per game. Finally, Perry Stevenson has to be come a reliable option off the bench to get 10 pts a game and block 2-3 shots a game.

Coach2k2: Win either the SEC regular season title or tournament but both would be nice.

Right now it's pretty simple that they need to protect the ball to cut down turn overs. They need a consistent 3rd scoring option being Meeks and Patterson. They need to find ways to get Miller more involved n the game until his shooting comes around and Galloway has to have his head screwed on right and not be getting kicked out of practices so he can contribute at game time. They need to learn how to feed the post in some games and not have to rely in perimeter shooting as much.

A rotation of PP, Meeks, Stevenson, Porter and Harris with Harrellson, Liggins, Miller and Galloway off of the bench is about as good as we can hope for right now. Should Slone continue to show he deserves PT, he could be the X factor and makes us a 10 man rotation.

JimsCats: First order of business is to establish a starting five and let them play together enough to gel as a TEAM. They still haven't done that, and IMO, the reason is at least partly due to the constant in and out of players when they make even a single mistake in some cases.

Secondly, we must find/develop a 2nd long range bomber to complement Meeks when his shots aren't falling or he's constantly hounded by a great defender. I keep wanting to believe that Porter is that man, but this season he's missing badly on most shots.

PedroDaGr8: I second the above. Galloway when he plays in the game plays with some insane heart and has this uncanny ability to be where the ball is going. I remember one sequence for THREE defensive plays in a row he was there with the bowl either taking the rebound himself or tapping it to someone else. This doesn't show up in the stat sheet but made me really appreciate his heart. These weren't easy rebounds either they were ALL multiple people going for the ball and he would just out will everyone else.

cattails: My expections for the BB team would be in conference 12-4 to 13-3. Patterson and Meeks IMO have to be the best by far 1 2 punch in the league. In order to get better Liggins and Miller have to have a bigger role on the team. These are 2 players that have special talents that I don't see in our other players. They have the ability to make us a top 25 team.

ISkipMud: I expect no more than 4 losses and I think we could easily see only 2 or 3. Of course, it's a game by game effort and if we decide not to show up in some of them we could lose, and even if we do show up to some of them we could still lose. There are some great teams and some not so great ones that could still put up a good fight so who knows, really.

What we need to do to really get better is simply play consistently and stay focused within the course of a game. We can be up or down by 30 points but it shouldn't take that to get fired up and have to make a come back or cement the win by going up 20 more points. The team was getting better at this until the FAU and CMU games where we just seemed to keep up for a few minutes or get down by 10 points again in the first few minutes before we really got fired up and took control. We need to play the whole 40 minutes and not just 30 or 35 or even 39. It's a 40 minute game.

The other thing I'd like to see is more confidence in some players. I'd like to see Miller and Porter, specifically really just taking it to the basket and attempting to draw fouls if nothing else. I don't care if they get called for an offensive foul or whatever but I just want them to be more aggressive. Porter really looked better in the last game and had 12 points to show for it. I'd like to see him keep it up or run the floor and get those fast break lay-ups he's been starting to get.

Some specific things I'd like to see:
Effort consistency from Perry Stevenson. He has too many "off" days it seems like
Less turnovers from Harris whenever he starts getting more minutes
More defensive consistency from Harrellson
Meeks has been doing this but I'd like to see him continue better decision making with shot selection and ball control
Liggins not getting out of control

DLH331: Win the SEC regular season, and the SEC tourney. I think we do both. Win 2 games in the NCAA, and have a chance at the 3rd. To improve, DARIUS MILLER, DARIUS MILLER. He will break out and become the wing scorer; when the ball goes to him, he becomes a true triple threat; preventing the man guarding him to crowd PP. PP becomes more of a monster. Meeks learns to finish around the basket, and becomes the all time best single season scorer (for a guard) in UK's history.

Kylucky: I think we need to play defense the way we played it last game. That was awesome. Also we need better perimeter shooting. Our three ball is not good although it too showed some improvement last game. So, more threes and 'D' like we saw last Monday.

I think we'll win the conference and get a good seed in the dance.

Rgunslinger: I expect to contend for the SEC title, winning it would be great but not expected but I expect us to be in the mix throughout the season. To get that done I believe we need steady PG play and to find a consistent 3rd scoring option. AND NO INJURIES!

kpc9999: Finish at least 2nd in the East during regular season and play for the SEC Tourney Championship. Finish with no more than 4 regular season conference losses.

I think our defense will be there and I also think that Galloway and Harrellson will play significant roles.

In order of importance:

1) Average no more than 10 TOs per game and no more than 15 in any game.

2) Patrick needs to get at least 10 shots per game and should average closer to 12. (This is just as much on him as it is the guards, BTW).

3) Stevenson/Harrelson/Stewart combination must combine for at least 10 rebounds and 12 points per game.

4) We need Razor healthy and playing defense the way he was before the injuries. We don't need big points from him.

5) Liggins and Galloway to stay out of Coach's dog house.

oledon: Not that impressed with UT. More helter-skelter than the years with Lofton. Very winnable SEC East for us and win the tournament. Biggest gain is getting more scoring and rebounding from Stevenson on a consistent basis.

Chroix: Top 3. 1-2 in East. SEC tourney champs.

To win they need to maintain the intensity for the entire game, both on offense and defense. Coach has talked a lot about valuing the ball and that is a good way to describe where they fail occasionally. That and sticking with our game plan and not falling into the other teams like we did with VMI and UNC (IMO).

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