Fan Talk: What's Next for UK Football?

Kentucky football appears to be on the uptick. Rich Brooks and his staff are coming off their third consecutive bowl, a feat never accomplished in school history. There is optimism among Wildcat fans, but the opinions are assorted in nature. Read what Cat fans have to say.

BloomingtonCat1: The UK Football program is headed in the right direction. We are close. A few points in a couple of more games the past 2 years had is in a much bigger bowl. That goes the other way as well. I think we will compete for the SEC East title next year. We will be much more mature on offense. I think we will have one of the top 3 OL in the SEC next year. The key is DL. I wish I could see Micah staying and moving to DE. He would be so dominant coming off the end. DT is a concern to me. But, I think we challenge for SEC East next year.

Kingcat: In this a rebuilding season to go to and win a third consecutive bowl it's indicative of a program on the rise imo. Especially given where we came from to accomplish such a thing.

My expectations are to make a step up next season and content for a BCS bowl and for the following season challenge for the SEC title. Given the, returning players, recruiting, and the depth we have garnered I believe those expectations are realistic. The staff has proven their worth.

cattails: The football program is headed in the right direction and I really like the recruits we have coming in and the young talent on the team. Winning 3 straight bowl games is a form of fools gold because of the level of competition we played. We have yet to establish ourselves as a contender in the SEC, but with the talent coming in I see that as a real possibility. When we get to that point the bowl games should be much harder than the last 3 we won. Newton could be the player that puts us over the top, I really hope he pushes for the starting spot. We have young receivers and 2 very good QBs coming in, it should be interesting. We need to remember the SEC record is our bench mark.

PedroDaGr8: I think next year is the year we really make waves in the SEC. With an offense that should be even better than this game (the second half, not the first which was abominable) I think we really start to show ourselves as having permanently left the doormat status behind us. I think BCS is still a few years off, but I do think we start really getting talked about in a good way. I don't mind it taking a few years, build it properly and gradually so that if we fall it isn't far and we keep at it and really dominate in a few years.

Dlh331: Football, we finally beat Tenn and SC; play Alabama close and go 8-4 or 9-3. Morgan Newton is our Tebow.

Suncat05: While it's great that we won our 3rd post-season bowl game in a row, and it shows that we are improving, we still only achieved a 2-6 record in the SEC this past season.
We have to start beating South Carolina, Florida, and Tennessee on a regular basis. There is no other way around this........ we have to start beating these three teams in our division of the SEC East to move into the upper tier of the SEC.
We are still not competing in the SEC East. That has to change. We need to make the next move forward and stop finishing in the lower half of the SEC East.

Rgunslinger: I honestly thought UK overachieved this season. After losing such a large part of our offense to graduation and some key departures because of other circumstances, I thought this year could be a huge letdown. After seeing how well some of our young guys performed last night and knowing we have the best recruiting class in the Rich Brooks era coming in I think the future looks very bright. I still believe we are 2-3 years away from being a serious threat to contend with the elite of the SEC on a weekly basis. IMHO the single most important thing for this program is to keep the positive momentum going, keep making progress, even if it's only baby steps.

trufanofdallas1: I see us going 8-4 4-4 in the sec. That should put us around 5 over all in the sec and 3rd in the east. Go Cats! Now it is time to make it 4 in a row.

oledon: Next season should see an improved offense that can actually do something in the first half against the meat of the schedule. I think we went for only three points off opening drives all year long. Must improve on this. If a freshman can wrest the starting qb job away from Hartline it should be a good omen. 5-3 or 4-4 in the East would be a huge gain, imo.

droops63: I see us bowling again, but there are a lot of question marks for the team.

First, will we have enough depth at running back? It appears that we'll have a good WR nucleus, and Hartline has shown that he can manage this team. A healthy Randall Cobb will also be a big boost. The O-line looks to be solid as does the TE position. Can we find enough running backs to fill out the offense?

Second, how will our secondary look? It appears that we'll loose our 2-deep rotation at CB, and we'll lose a 3-year starter at safety. The replacements are all question marks. Will Ashton Cobb and Calvin Harrison step up? How about Lentz and Smith? At CB, will Warford return? Can Burden sustain the positive movement we saw in the bowl game? How about the rest of the young corners?

On special teams, will we be able to replace Masthay? And will Seiber finally get his head on right?

If we can answer those in the positive, we'll have a better season next year than this year. If not, we'll have another season like this year IMO.

GilThorpe: UK's football program has certainly had some moments in the sun before, mostly over 50 years ago. The Nashville and Memphis bowls may not be the Sugar, Cotton, or Orange, but I believe the program is on an uptick not seen in decades; certainly not in the 35 years I've been going to UK games. Coach Brooks is laying a real foundation of solid rock, one that will elevate UK for years to come.

That being said, I think we're realistically 2 or 3 more years away from contending for the SEC title. If we were in a lesser conference, it probably wouldn't take so long, but I can wait. I can see us winning 7 or 8 games this coming season, then maybe busting out for 9 or 10 wins in 2010 (and maybe a BCS bowl), and then going for the league championship (and bigger things) in '11.

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