Alabama Athlete Likes Wildcats

Kentucky continues to recruit defensive backs to sure up the the defense for losses after this season. A new name on the list for Kentucky is Izauea Lanier of Gordo High in Alabama. KSR spoke with David McKinney, head coach of Gordo High School about his star.

With the trend of big fast wide receivers, several schools are working now to add more size to the corner position. Kentucky is no exception. "UK likes Izauea (pronounced like Isaiah) as a corner. He's got great mobility. He can jump out of the gym," said McKinney. At 6-foot-1, 185-pounds Lanier is consistently running the 40 in 4.5 or under. With his overall size and athleticism, he's capable of being a lockdown corner. But that's not where it ends.

"He's played running back half the season and wide receiver have the season. He had about 900 yards rushing and another 900 receiving," said McKinney. "He was our go-to guy offensively. He's a great open field runner with great speed," McKinney continued. "He is a great all-around athlete," said McKinney.

"He played hard for us every night. He's got big play capability. If you overlook him, you're in trouble. He's a great punt returner," said McKinney. "He ran back two early in the year and by the second gme nobody punted to him."

As with most athletes transitioning from high school to college, there is at least one thing that needs to be worked on. "He's got to get physically stronger, but that will come with maturity. He beefed up to 190 before the season, but he dropped back down to 185 by the end of the year. I think he'll carry 200-pounds easily once he gets to college," said McKinney.

After his outstanding season and leading Gordo High to a 9-4 record, Lanier's getting interest from several schools. "Kentucky has offered him. Troy called today and offered him. Mississippi State and Auburn took fil back to look at him. I think they are going to offer, but they haven't yet. UAB comes in daily. Izauea has a special talent," said McKinney.

So with all the attention, have any visits been set up? "He talked to Kentucky, I think they got something set up. Mississippi State is trying to get him in for the last weekend of January," said McKinney. "Steve Brown saw him here. They really like him. They were first to get on him. I think Izauea likes Kentucky," said McKinney.

Izauea Lanier is currently a one-star prospect according to, but with all the new attention he's receiving, he's sure to rise in the rankings.

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