Fan Talk: Who Needs to Step Up for UK?

There has been a lot of talk about Kentucky needing a third scorer to step up and become the third scorer for the Wildcats to reach their goals this season. Which player do UK fans believe needs to become that man? Wildcat fans speak out.

There has been a lot of talk about Kentucky needing a third scorer to step up and become the third scorer for the Wildcats to reach their goals this season. Which player do UK fans believe needs to become that man? Wildcat fans speak out.

Cattails: I have to go with two players and that would be Miller and Liggins, Liggins more so than Miller.

timukblue: I gotta think either Ramon Harris on the scoring side of things,which he did pretty good job against Vandy in Rupp.....his defense is good just like to see him score and put it on the floor a lot more...

Or Deandre Liggins like to see him get after it on defense consistently because i love the way this team moves when he is out there ....

rgunslinger: Darius Miller

ISkipMud: Personally, I think Galloway. I don't know what he's done or hasn't done in practice or off the court to deserve not getting any playing time but he needs to do whatever he can to overcome than and be a contributor. I thought it was clear he had lots of talent when he was getting minutes and showed a lot of potential to be our starting guard. He played good defense, had a great A/TO ratio, a good shooting percentage (though he only shot a few times), and even rebounded well. Seems like the type of player we need in the game and a good clutch player for when Porter/Liggins or versatile player even Harris/Miller aren't doing the job.

That said, we also need consistent effort by the players who are already getting the minutes, which is our biggest problem so far this season.

Flounder: Either Miller or Liggins needs to be more consistent or dependable, not just scoring but in avoiding turnovers, defense and rebounding as well. I can't pick just one, but both have the opportunity to do so, if they can just take advantage of it. Dependability is missing from them right now.

SalsaKat: I think one of our point guards needs to improve their ball handling and limit turnovers. So far Porter is doing a much better job of this and I think he is close to doing what we need him to do in that category.

I also think we need another scoring threat. Not as prolific as Meeks and Patterson necessarily but someone who can keep defenses honest if they try to focus all their attention on those two. I think that it will be Harris once he gets fully healed up and his confidence returns.

Honestly, if those two guys hadn't bumped heads earlier in this year I think we'd nearly be the complete team we've been looking for all along.

Kingcat: On the court the player I believe could put this UK team over the top is Josh Harrellson. A third inside scoring option offensively would prove critical to our overall success. I think Josh's ability to step out and shoot the jumper would open up the middle for Patterson to operate. Even Stevenson has, of late, shown flashes of what that adds to the offense by sinking the open three on occasion. When you have a guy 6'9" who can not only shoot from outside but also see over the defender to make the pass when available, it opens a world of simple offensive options. Attacking an area of the court from two angles can be defended but a third angle will open holes in the lane.

If however, the threat to score from the top of the key isn't there or is taken way it seems to me there is no easy way to attack the interior. But for an extra interior player to initiate such an attack there is very little a defense can do to stop it. ...Especially a defense already given the assignment of stopping a Patterson and Meeks.

BigblueC: We need Porter to step up and take the open three, he needs to make the opposing D respect him. we have seen him hit them. This will open things up for others.

Kycatfan2005: I think that Perry Stevenson and Ramon Harris need to step up their games, also Deandre Liggins.

CRMSports: Perry Stevenson. I think that the PG position will work itself out and Mike and DeAndre will get better with every minute of every game. I feel that when Stevenson is playing his best, it only makes everyone else better. He is the best low-post passer when he and Patterson run the high-low and I think his play is the key to our season. We know Meeks/PP will always be there and I think Harris will be a reliable guy that can score 8-10 and get 5-8 rbs and play solid defense each game, but I think if Perry can get up to 10-14 pts and 7-10 rbs we can be unstoppable.

ukwildcats1217: DeAndre Liggins is the key. If he steps up and earns the majority of the minutes at point guard, UK instantly becomes one of the best defensive teams in the country. Other guys such as Harris, Stevenson, Porter, Harrellson seem to be steady with an occasional breakout game. Those are nice, and hopefully will continue. But Liggins is the most important player in terms of rising to the challenge and leading this team to an SEC Title.

Crazy4Blue: Liggins...he has the potential to be the missing piece for this team.

DanISSELisdaman2: I think Liggins could be the most important, with Miller or Harris next. It would be nice to see all three step up.

BloomingtonCat1: Perry Stevenson MUST step up and be a presence inside. We will go as far as he can relieve the pressure on PPat. If he steps up to be come a 10 pt 6 Reb a game guy the sky is the limit for this team. The freshmen will start to come into their own as the year plays out but we have to have Perry take pressure of PPat. I think we saw that start at the end of the first half against Vandy when PPat got his 2nd foul.

KSRDan:JMHO, but it goes much further than just one. Stevenson needs to play all his minutes like his life depended on the next rebound or the next 12 foot jumper. Galloway needs to practice well so he will see the court from a standing position. Harris needs to rebound better and take the open shot from the wing. Porter needs to take the uncontested jumper from the top of the key. Miller needs to just relax, forget about instructions and just play hoops. Liggins needs to play in control and forget about being the next Larry Bird or Magic Johnson. Harrellson needs to forget playing back to basket and roam the outside of the lane for the face up jumper. Stewart needs to play under control and just do it.

Top 10 team if all that comes true.


I think everyone on the TEAM needs to step it up. I know it sounds harsh, but I will explain more.

First Porter, (and I'm a MP fan and supporter) needs, like others have said, to step up and take that open shot when he is left so open, it will keep the D more honest and open up the Lane some for our inside guys. This is key in my opinion!

Meeks needs, at times, to step up his decision making. Perry needs to play like it's his last game every game. Liggins needs to take a lesson out of Porters book and be a leader and play more within himself (he'll get there, he's still young). Harris needs to continue down the path he's is on (I said when he went down that it was horrible, cause it looked like he was really starting to come along).

JH needs to continue to make the adjustment to major D-I ball, take those open jumpers and focus on rebounding, Miller needs to remember why he plays the game, and not force it so much, just seems very Frustrated, which I can understand (again he's young and will get there too), Pat needs to continue to be a beast and try to improve even more. Galloway, Liggins, and AJ, all need to step it up in practice or whatever off the court issues they may have that is hampering their PT.

And as a TEAM as a whole continue to push it in practice, making everyone better. Just my thoughts, and not meant as a slam on anyone, just honestly what I think needs to be worked on. Go CATS!

BirdSeat: Anyone not named J. Meeks or P. Patterson.

The best scenario for UK is to have an outside shooter step up. Who it is going to be could change from game to game. But someone needs to step up to spread the floor.

sgaylor1: I think anyone outside of Meeks & Patterson; I have no idea who Billy G is going to play from game to game.

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