Gillispie expecting to see "junk" defenses

Billie Gillispie expects to see some junk defenses in the future as the Wildcats continue league play. Kentucky's two stars, Jodie Meeks and Patrick Patterson, are currently the highest scoring combo in the SEC and teams will be keying on them.

Kentucky's dynamic duo of Patrick Patterson and Jodie Meeks currently lead the SEC as the highest scoring two-player combo in the league. Kentucky coach Billy Gillispie expects to begin to see more junk defenses thrown at his stars in an effort to slow down the Cats, who are currently second in the league in scoring and first in field goal percentage.

Gillispie said, "I would doubt that anyone would change their philosophy about Patrick (Patterson). Everyone knows that we are trying to be a power basketball team and we are supposed to throw the ball to the post and play an inside-out game. Sometimes we do that better than other times. I would think we would start seeing some junk defenses that we haven't seen yet. I think we will see some guys who are really game planning and choosing to not guard some of our guys out on the perimeter. Some of that stuff has been done before this season, but I would think that teams will continue to make Patterson and Meeks a centerpiece of their defense."

Teams throwing junk defenses at the Cats could spell trouble for the opposition, especially given the excellent passing skills of Patterson, and Kentucky's propensity to love to use a big at the high post to open up the weak side of the floor for backdoor baskets. With both Ramon Harris and Perry Stevenson shooting well over 50% from the field, and Michael Porter gaining confidence in his shot each game it could mean less scoring by the Cats' dynamic duo, but an increase in the overall offensive output of a team that seems to have a desire to take as many high percentage shots at point blank range. If teams are blanketing Patterson and Meeks with defenders, then the other three players on the floor are going to find themselves wide open and unguarded when either of the dynamic duo have the ball. This could really be a boon to UK's new guys, like Darius Miller, Deandre Liggins, and Josh Harrellson, who have shown they have the skill set to take advantage of those types of situations.

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