VAUGHT: Orton rehab going well

There is some good news for Kentucky basketball fans. Recruit Daniel Orton's rehab from his preseason knee surgery is going well and he's even ahead of schedule.

"Everything is going really well," said his father, Larry Orton. "He can shoot. He just has to wear a brace in case he would fall or take a wrong step. But his knee is doing well. His doctors say he is at least two weeks ahead of schedule and that is really good news for all of us."

The Ortons continue to talk to the UK coaching staff regularly.

"I am surprised they lost some games at home recently," Larry Orton said. "The coaches really thought things were going well, but we know they will get back on track."

His son is missing not playing his final season in Oklahoma, but he's concentrating on his academic work to stay prepared for next year.

"It's eating at Daniel that he can't play. He doesn't like that one bit," Larry Orton said. "He's staying on top of his school work. He's taking classes that hurt my mind. He's taking real courses because his school is really tough academically."

His father remains convinced that signing with Kentucky in November was a wise move for his son, too.

"Next year I would not be surprised if Kentucky won the national championship. Guys will be a year old and we will have more depth. I think Kentucky will have a great team next year and Daniel can't wait to be part of it," Larry Orton said.

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