VAUGHT: Gillispie just being Gillispie

Somehow I'm glad I won't have to see Gillispie vs. Edwards III Tuesday when Kentucky plays at Vanderbilt. Maybe I'm in the minority, but I've never seen such an overblown story.

Sure, maybe the Kentucky coach was less than polite when Edwards interviewed him at halftime of the UK-Mississippi game. Maybe he should have been nicer when he talked to her at halftime of the UK-Florida game.

But it's live TV. Gillispie is Gillispie. He can be charming at times, but he can also be sarcastic. It's his nature. Always has been and always will be.

I've taken a few hits from him at press conferences. But football coach Rich Brooks has thrown a few darts my way, too. So did Tubby Smith, Rick Pitino and many, many more coaches. It's part of the job and you can't take it personal.

Give Edwards credit for not whining and basically have no comment on the subject when others have asked her about it. She's been professional and tried not to create a story. Of course, do you think it is a coincidence that ESPN is sending her to the Kentucky-Vandy game? I don't. ESPN is hoping for another halftime confrontation because of the nationwide publicity it will generate.

Sure, it would be easy for Gillispie to let an assistant talk to her and just give a short, quick answer and walk away. But that's not Billy G.

My philosophy has always been not to take anything personal that a coach or player might say to mean the first hour after a game. They've been in an intense, emotional competition and sometimes anyone can say something then they might later regret. I can only imagine what it would be like to try and talk to a coach or player at halftime of a big game.

So while it wouldn't hurt Gillispie to be more gracious with Edwards, I just don't see that his behavior is reason to ridicule him. If he's hurting anyone, he's hurting himself.

Just enjoy his antics and remember his job is to win games, not always be gracious. If being gracious was what Kentucky fans all wanted, none would have ever wanted Smith to have left.

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