DEMAREE: Locke & Lyons "Can Do" People

These are two UK football players past and present, who have been put to the ultimate test of rehabilitating serious knee injuries. Both sustained ACL injuries, and both are rehabbing at the same time. What you have is Derrick Locke and Dicky Lyons, who are two wild DL's making the best of a bad situation.

From delightful Lyons, dynamic Locke to dead-legged Locke and Lyons to determined Lyons and Locke, both guys have shown remarkable stick-to-it-ness.

Locke and I walked into the Pro Day festivities at Nutter Field house together and there was no noticeable limp. The word has been that Lyons and Locke kind of made it a competition when they worked out together. "Yeah we did, a little bit," Locke said. "Just to trying to better ourselves. I didn't want him being better than me and he didn't want me to out do him and at the same time I'm not going to let him out work me. That just made the rehab go so much smoother."

Locke said this experience broke him down and humbled him mentally. He said it was the toughest thing he ever tried to do. "I had my doubts, I'm not going to lie," Locke explained. "I heard so much, like, this could be the end of your career. You might not ever play again. You might do all this work and still might not be able to play. At first, I'm like, man, why am I even doing this. But I broke through and said to myself, I don't have a choice - I have to work hard – I've got to try and get back on the field because that's what I love to do. If somebody has a bad knee injury and comes back I tip hat to them, they are a strong individual."

Locke is running again and from all indications, he will be back on the field this fall.

Lyons is in a battle to get back on the field for pay. He said he's been working simultaneously with the Andrews Institute and Athletic Performance in Pensacola, Florida.

"That's where I do my physical therapy and then attached to it is a place called Athletic Performance," Lyons explained. "That's where a bunch of combine-guys train. So I'm kind of doing combine/rehab. I was just released for performance and started running my 40's this week and I've just got to work on it. Locke and I worked together and I told him when I left I would be looking better than him and he didn't want to race me when I got back. I'm faster than Derrick Locke right now!"

From all appearance on Pro Day both DL's could possibly return to delightful and dynamic.

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