Gillispie out as Kentucky coach?

After WHAS 11 reported tonight that Billy Gillispie had been fired, which UK has denied, KSR's Keith Bays had an interesting exchange with the UK SID that leaves the coach's status in doubt.

It was reported that Billy Gillispie was fired by WHAS 11 out of Louisville, seeking confirmation I emailed Kentucky's SID, DeWayne Peevy regarding the report.

I asked, "DeWayne, does UK have any comment on the report by channel 11 that Gillispie has been fired?"

Peevy replied, "UK Head Coach Billy Gillispie has not been fired."

The wording seemed a bit strange to me, so I sent a followup asking, "Should this be taken as confirmation that Gillispie is still the head coach at Kentucky?"

What I expected to receive was a one word reply, knowing that Peevy has likely been swamped by the media this evening, simply stating, "yes."

The expected "yes" was not what I received, instead Peevy replied, "It is what it is."

While the exchange clearly indicates that Gillispie has not been fired it does not clearly indicate that Gillispie remains the head coach at the University of Kentucky.

Has UK simply exercised the option in the Memorandum of Understanding to buyout the remainder of his contract?

Have the legal representatives for both parties agreed upon an amicable separation?

In this writer's humble opinion, the rather open ended, "It is what it is," statement from Peevy speaks volumes, and in so few words.

It is clear that Gillispie has not been fired. However, UK representatives are careful not to say that he is still on the job at Kentucky.

Further adding to the mystery has been the report of a spotting of a potential coaching candidate at the airport earlier this evening. KSR's Lonny Demaree is reporting he has confirmed that this same coaching candidate is spending the night at a local hotel.

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