Inside the Vaught--Plus, KSR Special Edition

Larry Vaught has been on top of the latest, breaking news for weeks on the Kentucky basketball coach saga. Lonny Demaree checks in tonight with a very special report, and read what "CitizenBBN," and KSR's Keith Bays have to share concerning the UK basketball coach--and maybe the next one, too.

There's no finer source of reliable information anywhere than KSR's premium message board, the original WildcatChat. Among the breaking news bits are the following:

Lonny Demaree--a Donovan sighting confirmed?

Keith Bays and his discussion with UK SID--what does it mean?

Second reported sighting of Billy Donovan from CitizenBBN

Larry Vaught's thoughts on Billy Donovan possibly being in Lexington

In the middle of all the basketball breaking news, of course--Larry stopped off in Mt. Carmel, Indiana on his way back from South Bend to spend two hours with the Dr. John Newton family and the talented quarterback, Morgan. Don't miss his special magazine feature that will be coming up highlighting this wonderful family and great football talent.

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