Gillispie's status as unemployed to be short?

Former Kentucky coach Billy Gillispe is being mentioned as a candidate at an SEC school.

Billy Gillispie is being mentioned as a candidate to replace former Georgia coach Dennis Felton. Gillispie and Georgia could be a fit akin to Texas A&M, where a basketball coach works in anonymity in the shadows of football.

An even bigger worry for SEC foes could be the richly talented athletic reserves of the state of Georgia, many of which have been going to Georgia Tech or leaving the state, ala Kentucky's Jodie Meeks. With Gillispie at Georgia much of the talent in that state would become recruiting targets for Gillispie and his staff.

A Gillispie hiring at Georgia would definitely up the ante on the need for Mitch Barnhart, Kentucky's AD, to hit the much needed homerun. It would also place Barnhart in the uncomfortable position of needing his hire to outperform the guy he fired, each and every game, or risk the rath of the Big Bue Nation.

The big question in this writer's mind is not if Georgia would be interested in Gillispie, but would Gillispie wish to coach in the same conference and same division as the Kentucky squad, which should be composed primarily of players he recruited and/or coached when it takes the floor in 2009-2010? With a number of jobs still likely to open up nationwide it may be far less painful for the coach to look for a job in a new conference, one in which he will face fresh challenges and without the emotions he would be face by leading a team against his former players at least twice a year over the first few seasons.

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