Sources mixed: done deal or not so fast

Earlier reports that Calipari to UK was a done deal are now being called into question, WLEX-TV reports. The Associated Press, however, says UK has sent a plane to Memphis to pick Calipari up. Stay tuned.

...and the beat goes on. Early reports that Calipari was a done deal to coach at UK are now being retracted as the process drags on. WLEX-TV is reporting on their website, "Former Kentucky coach Joe B. Hall says John Calipari is having "difficulty" making up his mind about accepting the Wildcats offer and is trying to get as much information as he can before deciding.

Hall says he and Calipari talked for about 15-20 minutes on Tuesday.

"He talked about the difficulty in making the decision and wanted to establish a relationship in case he came to Kentucky, somebody he could bounce things off of," Hall said. "He had not made up his mind. He was trying to get all the info he could."

The Associated Press, however, said UK sent a plane to pick Calipari up: LEXINGTON, Ky. (AP) – - UPDATE: The University of Kentucky is sending a charter plane to Memphis for John Calipari. The plane is scheduled to land at 5:15pm CDT. If Cal boards the plane, it will be as the new head coach for the Kentucky Wildcats. Earlier statements made from across the country indicated that the deal was done. From earlier today, see below:

"Memphis Tigers basketball head coach John Calipari has officially agreed to the coaching position at Kentucky."

This statement came from MyFoxMemphis website at 3:10 PM, Tuesday, apparently confirming the move.

Former Memphis basketball coach John Calipari called former UK coach Joe B. Hall this afternoon to tell him he was coming to Kentucky and that he intended to start the job by connecting with former UK coaches out of respect for the school's basketball tradition.

The above quote was from USA Today Tuesday afternoon. Earlier Tuesday, reports out of Kentucky and Tennessee, The Louisville Courier-Journal and a Memphis television station are both indicating that John Calipari, has decided to replace Gillispie as basketball coach at UK.

WREG-TV in Memphis reported that Calipari is currently meeting with members of his staff informing them of the decision.

Rick Bozich of the Courier-Journal said on his blog Tuesday afternoon that Calipari called former UK coach Joe B. Hall to discuss the Kentucky and the advantages and disadvantages that go along with it.

"That was awfully nice of him," Hall was quoted to have said.

"Coach Cal is a hot item. He's a great coach as well as a superior recruiter. His track record speaks for itself. I think Kentucky was looking to do something dramatic in the face of all that has gone down."

Keep checking Kentucky Sports Report for further details.

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