Patrick Patterson on new coach Calipari

Here's what sophomore center Patrick Patterson had to say about new UK coach John Calipari.

Here's what sophomore center Patrick Patterson had to say about new UK coach John Calipari.

Question: Can you just talk a little a bit about the meeting the team had with coach Calipari this morning?

Patterson: "It was pretty cool. It was really straightforward. He just told us what was going to happen in the next couple of weeks. He said he had to go back to Memphis and give a press conference with the people there. He still feels special about the people back there because that's where he started to really get rolling after UMass. He said he felt like he owed those people there and it's just a real tough time for him. I understand that. He's handling his situation back there and said he would be back and we'll start to get this thing rolling. "We'll start having some meetings, getting to know each other – he'll start to get to know us, we'll start to get to know him. He said his wife will be here and that will probably be the next person we'll meet. We introduced ourselves to him one-by-one, shook his hand, listened to him talk about how we'll get prepared for the season and what he has to do as far as going back to Memphis. He said he wants to live as close as possible to campus. He's just excited to be here and we're excited to have him."

Question: How does the hire affect your decision to come back next year?

Patterson: "(Jodie and I) haven't made up our minds just yet. We know the possibilities that could be next year. Jodie and I always talk about the future. We always talk about what could be, what could possibly be in the future with Kentucky and with this great coach we have in Calipari right now. I'm sure we'll come to a decision soon."

Question: Can you talk a little bit about his style of play and coaching?

Patterson: "It's pretty much four people spacing around the perimeter, just tremendous spacing. One of the things I notice when I watch Memphis game is the spacing that they have. Every now and then they have a post player down low on the block and people penetrating to the basket. "He always talks about taking advantage of your man. If you have a one-on-one matchup situation, the offense is just all for you to take it to the basket and just utilize your talent. If you have a matchup or you're hot, you're able to keep scoring."

Question: If you come back, where do you see yourself fitting into that offense?

Patterson: "I know I need to improve my game with him. I know he can help me out tremendously, not only just as a post player inside, but he can help me on the perimeter as well, driving to the basket, working on my ball handling and my jump shot. I know that if I stay another year, I will most likely improve tremendously. I know that those are areas of my game that I need to improve on whether it's here or at the next level. It's just something I need to think about."

Question: Do you let yourself look ahead to next year and think about what could be if you return? Patterson: "I have thought about it. I've thought about the possibilities of an NCAA championship, the possibility of a Final Four or being one of the elite teams in the country if everything works out how everyone wants it to."

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