Vaught's Views: Shorts on April 6, 2009

In Vaught's Views, Larry Vaught delivers short messages regarding Scott Padgett as a potential new assistant candidate and relays conversations for former assistant Glynn Cyprien about Daniel Orton and Matt Pilgrim. And more....

On Morgan Newton and Randall Cobb
Morgan Newton has already attended two spring practices and will be back for more since Indianapolis is not that far from Lexington. Last year, Randall Cobb made the drive from Knoxville to Lexington several times during spring practice to learn all he could about the offense.

"Morgan is a bright kid and he knows what he wants to do. He wants to play. That's his main goal. That's how we all are. If you don't want to play, you shouldn't even be on the team. He is a great guy. I love talking to him," Cobb said.

"He might be better than me based on all I have heard, but he wants to win just like I do. That's the reason he came here. That's the reason I came here. That's the goal to push this team. That is the kind of guys you want here."

Talked to Larry Orton just a few minutes ago. No change. Both him and his son, Daniel, will arrive Thursday for the Derby Classic and a huge ovation for him in that game could be all UK needs to seal the deal.

On Daniel Orton
"I don't know anything for sure yet. It's still up in the air," Larry Orton said. "Calipari is still talking. Right now, Daniel is signed with Kentucky. It does not make any difference to me. This is Daniel's decision. He's never complained about anything and right now he is signed with Kentucky. That could change but I've had people tell us that if Daniel stays with Kentucky and Patterson, Meeks and those guys are back along with another new player or two that Kentucky will be tough to handle. That all sounds really good to us."

On Matt Pilgrim
"Pilgrim is a beast," Cyprien said. "Pilgrim will give the team some toughness it needs. He will really help Pat with his toughness and athleticism.

"Pilgrim is so underrated. He is one of those guys right now if you were recruiting him as a high school senior, he would be a top 25 players. He is that good. His athleticism and toughness are what we needed."

On Scott Padgett
Should find out very soon if things are going to work out for him on the staff. Can't say a lot because source swore me to some secrecy, but this could work well for him and UK. Lot of pieces still have to fall in place, but both sides seem eager to make this work and make it work quickly

More on Daniel Orton
Daniel Orton's status remains in limbo. He signed thinking Gillispie would be the coach and Glynn Cyprien was the chief recruiter because of his family ties.

"I don't want to speculate on what he might do," Cyprien said. "I know they have some serious concerns, and rightly so.

"He has had a tough year. He hurt his knee, his mom died and now he is dealing with the coaching change. That's really a tough year for a young man. I hope he does come to Kentucky. I have said that to him and his family. I hope he honors his commitment to Kentucky because it will still be a great school for him.

"Daniel Orton has that inside-out presence. He is a great shooter, great passer and is very skilled."

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