VAUGHT VIEWS: Football Tidbits

Larry Vaught brings you notes from the football scene from Lexington.

1. Redshirt freshman DeAunte Mason has been moved from quarterback to tight end.

"His arm strength is not up to what it needs to be," said Kentucky coach Rich Brooks. "We are trying to get him in position to play. We knew the athletic ability he had when we recruited him. This will give him an opportunity to play since he will not be in the mix at quarterback."

2. Redshirt freshman offensive lineman Dave Ulinski missed practice because of a viral infection. His mono test was negative, but Brooks said something is definitely wrong.

3. Redshirt freshmen defensive ends Collins Ukwu and Taylor Wyndham both made big plays that pleased Brooks.

"Those were two guys I had not been happy with. They turned the dial up and showed they can help us," Brooks said. "Ukwu weighs over 250 now, which his a significant gain. There's no question we need him to play well and develop. He has the size, speed and athleticism to be a factor."

4. Sophomore defensive end Chandler Burden had another good day.

"We are working him on the right side and he seems comfortable there. He has a lot of strength and good size. He just has to learn more about the position and his reaction," Brooks said.

5. Sophomore offensive guard Stuart Hines continues to impress the coaches.

"He is nearing 300 pounds. He's strong and smart," Brooks said. "He just needs a little better technique, but he is going to be a force." 6. Sophomore offensive guard Jake Lanefski missed practice with a hamstring injury.

7. Redshirt receiver E.J. Fields will get a look at kick returner.

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