Wildcats Chasing Black

One prospect that is getting a lot of attention is Cincinnati (Ohio) Wyoming High School defensive end Jibreel Black. Are the Wildcats still in the chase?

"I'm getting a lot of mail from Kentucky with a lot of hand written letters about every other day," Jibreel Black told Kentucky Sports Report about the Wildcats interest in him. "I like Kentucky a lot and the fact is the program is close and it's a good up and coming football program in one of the top college towns."

One thing Black stresses is the fact the Wildcats play in the premier conference in college football.

"Kentucky being in the SEC is huge. You know you're going to be tested every week when you play there and if you can win in the SEC people take notice."

With double-digit offers, Black has learned first hand the Wildcats have giant interest in his abilities.

"Coach (Chuck) Smith emails me all the time and is the coach sending me all the mail. He's made sure to keep Kentucky in front of me as much as possible and that is impressive to me. As a player you've got to be impressed when a coach takes that much time each week to show you he really wan'ts you as part of the program."

While Black hasn' made plans for summer camps at this time, he knows one he's going to try and attend.

"I'm really going to try and attend summer camp at Kentucky. It's not that far away but right now there are so many schools pulling me in so many different directions I've not made any plans."

Another area the Wildcats seem to have done well in is getting their point across about Black's future in the program.

"Coach Smith has told me how I'd fit into the Wildcats defense and said how much they'd like for me to be part of the program. He's also talked about getting me down for a spring practice so I can see how the team is doing and how they go about their business."

While many felt Black was ready to pull the trigger a few weeks ago, he's not more in a look pattern that could give the Wildcats an even chance.

"I thought I was close to naming the school I'd attend a few weeks ago. But after talking with my parents I feel now I may want to take all five of my visits and see each program in depth before making my choice. That could change if one just jumps out and stands out to me but right now that is what I'm thinking."

Kentucky Sports Report will continue to stay in contact with Jibreel Black and his interest in the Wildcats.

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