Vaught with John Calipari....x 10

New coach John Calipari appears to be settling into his shoes just fine in Lexington, thank you very much. Join Larry Vaught while he goes in-depth with UK's skipper, and for some bonuses, how about some time with Sam Bowie and Scott Padgett as well? Here are 10 mini-stories and interviews you don't want to miss.

What is this about Kentucky basketball practices Is it true?

1. Calipari to open practices

We just think we know who will be on Kentucky's team next year, don't we?

2. Calipari on deciding on roster

Calipari talked about last year's UK team, and had some interesting things to say.

3. Calipari on last year's UK team and more

Larry Vaught tells us about meeting Sam Bowie--and Bowie meeting John Calipari.

4. Bowie and Calipari

Former UK greats Tony Delk and Scott Padgett will be returning home, says John Calipari.

5. Calipari on Delk and Padgett

Calipari didn't just stick with talking about the ex-UK greats. He also tells us about some future ones.

6. Calipari on Cousins and Orton

And for a slight twist on the subject theme--how about a top-notch recruit talking about UK's top-notch coach?

7. John Wall on John Calipari

And one more along the same vein.

8. Demarcus Cousins on Calipari

Calipari took time to talk about the media--kinda.

9. Calipari on radio and internet

And to wind it up, how about one top-notch recruit signed by John Calipari talking about another top-notch recruit who has signed and will be playing for John Calipari?

10. Demarcus Cousins on Orton

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