Wildcats Top Prospect in 2010?

Despite a thin frame, Memphis White Station junior Joe Jackson can score with the best of them in 2010. Recruited by many hoops powers, Jackson feels that he's UK's top priority in the class of 2010.

During last weekend's Real Deal in the Rock, Joe Jackson showed why he's among the most highly rated recruits in the country. Despite his slender frame, the six foot point guard from White Station in Memphis got into the lane at will and often times finished above the rim with violent slams over larger defenders.

That explosive athleticism combined with underrated ball skills and an ability to score from mid range and beyond the three point line has made Jackson a big time commodity with college coaches. With the likes of Kentucky, Memphis, Tennessee, Marquette, Louisville, Texas, Kansas and others giving chase, Jackson knows what it is about his game that attracts college coaches.

"My scoring ability, I think I can come right in and score and they see that," said Jackson. "I'm trying to become more of a leader. I've got to learn to lead my team a little better."

While he claims that he needs to be a better leader, it's pretty tough to call him deficient in that area after he led White Station to a class AAA state title during March. However, it is fair to say that he'll need to pack on some pounds.

"That's what I always think about is getting stronger. I think I'm pretty much ready otherwise."

After dodging the question of who led for his services, Jackson finally admitted that things had been looking good for Memphis prior to John Calipari's departure for Kentucky. However, a new location doesn't change Jackson's relationship with the Wildcats new coach.

"He's very weird in a way. He's the type of person that he's not going to call you all the time," said Jackson of Calipari. "We've got a good relationship, but he's more of a business type. He's all about his business."

At the moment, Jackson has no plans for when he'll make a concrete list or set up visits. He maintains that he's wide open and that the slate is clean. However, he's also quite sure about what he can expect from Kentucky.

"I know that they are going to come in hard," Jackson told Wildcat Chat. "They said that I'm their number one recruit in 2010."

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