All eyes on Wall

All eyes appear to be on what John Wall will do. The young man is playing it close to the vest, at least officially.

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John Wall, the Raleigh Word of God basketball point guard, said Monday morning that he had not narrowed his list of schools yet.

Wall, the top-ranked high school senior point guard in the country, made an official visit to Miami this weekend and was back in school at Word of God on Monday.

The crowd let Meeks know how they felt. After the first pitch, they chanted "one more year."

"It was fun," Meeks said of hearing that sentiment. "Everybody wants me to stay one more year. I have no problem with coming back for one more year. I have to see where I am in the process."

That process really hasn't begun. Meeks said he would not know for another week or two which teams will want to watch him work out.

"I'll try not to work out for all 30 teams," he said. "I'll try to narrow it down to what I can do and what's best for me."

What's best for the individual — not necessarily UK — will guide the process as he and teammate Patrick Patterson test their draft statuses, Meeks said.

Meeks acknowledged that UK would benefit greatly if he and Patterson return.

"If we both come back, I think we'll have a great team," he said. "If we get the point guard we want (NCAA rules prohibit the mention of mega-prospect John Wall), all the pieces to the puzzle come together. I think we'll have a magical year.

News Observer

Duke, N.C. State, Baylor, Kentucky, Miami, Florida, Kansas and Memphis remain on his list.

"I'm still at eight schools," Wall said. "There is no leader."

He has not heard from the University of North Carolina since he spoke with Tar Heels coach Roy Williams during the Final Four in Detroit, Wall added.

"I don't know where I stand with Carolina now," Wall said. "I spoke with them one time. I haven't talked to Coach Williams since."

Bleacher Report Krzyzewski has been criticized on the recruiting front for not casting a big enough net, not seeking elite enough athletes, or—and this is my favorite—not recruiting enough African-American players.

People who believe these things cannot and will not be swayed, but their logic and thinking is flawed.

Wall's recruitment should be winding down soon; at least most people think so. He is supposed to narrow his choices down this week, and it is widely believed that Duke, despite the non-meeting, will be among the schools in contention for his services.

My contention is that Krzyzewski knows what he is doing. As a fan I will trust him to make the decision for his team. I say his team because he is the coach and face of the program.

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