Daniel Orton: Ready For Business - PART THREE

Kentucky Sports Report's Larry Vaught takes you behind the scenes with Daniel Orton, one of the Wildcats' most prized recruits in this five part series.

"But he is not a night-life type of guy. When he gets to Kentucky and they have that 24-hour access to the practice facility, he will be in that gym all the time. He has called me before at 4 a.m. and wanted to workout. On that recruiting trip, he wanted to work out the next morning at 6 a.m. but we couldn't find somebody to let us in the gym again."

Orton's father says the workout trait is something that has developed more and more as his son talent blossomed.

"If you put a basketball in his hand, he's very happy," Larry Orton said. "He's a workaholic, but he wasn't always that way. Until he grew and got to high school, he was not that way.

"I don't worry that he will wear himself out. He loves it too much. He is like an old school player. He never tires of the gym. I never heard of people wearing out or burning out. Or at least I had never heard of that until last five, six or seven years. We used not to know any better. We loved it and wished could play until 50. That's how Daniel is."

That passion is one reason Kentucky was so alluring to the family. Daniel Orton still remembers when he came to UK's Elite Camp last summer and his flight was delayed in St. Louisand he didn't get to his Lexington hotel until almost 3 a.m.

" When I came down stairs from my hotel room at 10 a.m. there were some fans there waiting for me. I went to the lady at the front desk and asked her how long they had been there, and she said since 7 a.m. That's when I sas convinced that these are some of the best fans because of the fact that they waited on me for three hours to come down so I could autograph their stuff for them," Daniel Orton said. "But the kicker was that some Kentucky fan had seen me get into the hotel around 2:30 a.m. and blogged about me being in Lexington and these fans were committed enough to go out of their way for me, and after that I truly felt special."

That passion wasn't lost on Orton's father, either.

"Kentucky basketball is like Verizon. You have all those people behind you no matter where you are," Larry Orton said. "A lot of people don't understand that. But those Kentucky fans are everywhere you go. It's good for a parent to know that because someone will always be watching out for your son."

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