Daniel Orton: Ready for Business - PART FOUR

Kentucky Sports Report's Larry Vaught takes you behind the scenes with Daniel Orton, one of the Wildcats' most prized recruits in this five part series.

As serious as Daniel Orton is about basketball, his personality off the court is somewhat different. He enjoys himself and is something of a jokester.

"He is a very happy kid. He knows he has been blessed with his abilities and will be the first to tell you that. But he is a very outgoing kid as long as he gets his sleep. He has to get his sleep. He sleeps a lot. We don't think he is done growing," Fisher said. "He is funny. He will do impersonations. He will do about anything to have a good time. He is quite the character. He's the quiet type, or you think he is, but once you get him going you can't get him to stop talking." He's been known to hang out with Fisher and his wife and go bowling with the couple. He's also not afraid to have a little fun via the Internet.

Check his Facebook account. It lists him as being married — or did in mid-November. It even included his cell phone number.

"That is him. I don't know if he ever answers h is cell phone. He will respond to Facebook. He is having fun. He will have fun wherever he is at. At practice, we have a 6-8 freshman that works with Daniel. I coach the post and he is our leader. We had a good time, but if that kid messed up, Daniel wouldn't let him forget it," Fisher said.

"It's didn't surprise me when he put he was married. I know the girl. She goes to school here, too. What he does never surprised me."

However, the surprises are always good ones because Daniel Orton is well grounded and not one prone to be involved in mischief.

"My wife spoils him a little too much. I don't think she does anything special other than makes his bed. She is just like any other mother. It is all about school work and education with her even if she does spoil him a little bit," Larry Orton said. "We stress not to be with the wrong people and do not get in trouble. Daniel has big dreams and desires. He wants to do big things and that is what he focuses on. And he knows my wife would not put up with silly stuff some kids do.

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