Daniel Orton: Ready for Business - PART FIVE

Kentucky Sports Report's Larry Vaught takes you behind the scenes with Daniel Orton, one of the Wildcats' most prized recruits in this five part series.

"You do everything to please your mother. That is old school. Some kids do not want to do that, but he does. She's going to miss him when he's gone to school, but she will be okay as long as I bring her to Kentucky a lot."

Daniel Orton says his mom's battle with lupus has been a huge inspiration for him.

"It's so hard for me to see her struggle and truly hurts me. Sometimes I wish I could struggle for her for just a couple hours," Daniel Orton said. "Despite her pain and suffering, unless you truly knew my mother, you wouldn't at all be able to tell that she struggles with Lupus. She is a truly an amazing person."

But she is not the only family member who has been a big influence on his career.

"My brother has been a positive example for me with the way he has handled life and all he has put up with and how he just manages to keep on pushing. In college he suffered through many injuries and just preservered through it all and came out of it a champion in my eyes," Daniel Orton said. "My father is a great papa and an amazing husband. I have to give credit to him for being the person I am today. He told me that he'll always be here for me and he'll be the father to me that he never had and he has done a wonderful job at it. I am very blessed to have the family that I have."

Fisher says Daniel Orton "accepts responsibility and never gets in trouble" because he knows if he did, his name would be in the spotlight and that's not what he wants."He is very active at the school. He enjoys hanging out with guys. It could be bowling or playing video games. All the kids pretty much like him. He will talk to anybody at school. He gets his work done and goes after school to get his assignments done. In the spot he has been put in, our school looks for him to do a lot and be successful at what he does," Fisher said.

"Our school is in the middle of Oklahoma City, He is already a role model. We have younger kids ask him for autographs or to take pictures with him. It's the same when he travels. He understands that it comes with being a good player. I have never seen him turn down a picture or autograph request."

Bishop McGuinness, a private school, can be challenging academically. Orton, like a lot of high school students, doesn't always enjoy studying, writing papers or doing class projects. But he understands what it means to his future success.

"He is pretty good at doing papers even if he doesn't always enjoy it. This is one of the top 25 schools in the country. That was the plan — to prepare him academically as well as athletically — when we came here," his father said.

Fisher says Orton is a "very bright kid" on and off the court.

"If he needs help, he will get it. For most part, he does enjoy school," the assistant coach said. "Academics are huge at our school. I think college will be easy for him because of way academics are here. At our school, we have a tutorial hour after school and every teacher is available and every kid can get help. He is not afraid to ask for help then if he needs it and there are times about every kid needs it because the courses are so challenging here."

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