Daniel Orton: Ready For Business - BONUS

BONUS COVERAGE: Kentucky Sports Report's Larry Vaught takes you behind the scenes with Daniel Orton, one of the Wildcats' most prized recruits in this five part series.

Larry Orton knows playing at Kentucky will be challenging for his son as well because no matter how talented a high school player is, adjusting to big-time college basketball is not easy. However, pressure has never consumed Daniel Orton.

"He thrives on pressure, which is one reason I love to watch him play," Larry Orton said. "It surprises me that he does not put more pressure on himself. I tell him to play with love and passion and all things will fall in place. He does that all the time. He loves that attitude. "More than anything, he likes to win. He doesn't care about scoring. If you are open, he will pass you the ball. That's just part of his God-given ability."

He also seems to have a God-given knack for touching those close to him.

"You are going to love covering him there. Once he gets to know the community, it will be an amazing relationship with him," Fisher said. "I will be emotional when he leaves. I have known him for so long and we have such a great relationship.

"We will find time for him when he's gone. I already know we are coming for Midnight Madness next year. That will be special to see him then. We will always be there for him because once you have been around him as a player and person, you just don't want that relationship to end."

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