June Magazine Preview: Eric Bledsoe

The following is a small excerpt from a feature article in Kentucky Sports Report's June issue. The full article appears in the magazine and will be on newsstands in mid-June. Daniels: "The thing that we liked the most about Bledsoe was his ability to win."

Question: How good a player is Bledsoe?
Scarbinsky: "True point. Great off the dribble. Seems able to get in the lane at will. Perfect for John Calipari's dribble-drive motion offense. Very unselfish. Best high school point in this state since Ronald Steele. Much quicker than Steele, but needs much work on his jumper. Definite SEC player but not a one-and-done guy like a Derrick Rose."

Daniels: "The thing that we liked the most about Bledsoe was his ability to win. He finds the winner circle and that's a characteristic that can't be taught. We think he's the 6th best point guard and overall a strong Top 40 prospect. If the Cats don't get John Wall, then Bledsoe will start from day on at UK." Telep: "Eric is a consummate point guard. He's a guy who wins. What I liked best about him last year was his competitive drive and presence on the court. Never rattled, always in the mix. Needs to become a better shooter but he's got intangibles at the position that are not quantifiable. Look at his track record: his teams find the winner's circle."

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