The Accidental Tweet

Have you ever clicked "reply all" to an email you didn't intend to send? Do you send emails with your phone? A text message looks an awful lot like an email, and one that Coach John Calipari inadvertently sent gives us an indication that something is in the works with Kentucky basketball.

Sent to approximately 81,044...81,045....81,046 loyal followers, Calipari sent the following twitter message:

"Can u resend me the transfer release in an email?"

A twitter message, or a "tweet," is simply a text message sent to a service that resends it to everyone on a list. Sort of like a mass email list.

It appears that the "tweet" was intended to be an email, or a text message, to someone at the UK athletic office. In today's technology world, "tweets," text messages, and emails are virtually indistinguishable from each other. Calipari followed that twitter message up with another one to his 81,046...81,047...81,048 loyal followers:

"Sorry. That wasn't meant for you guys. More about that later."

No harm, no foul, this time. Certainly appears that a UK players is getting ready to transfer from Kentucky, and he's checking all the paperwork. There's no major surprise here--Kentucky is at least two scholarships over the limit, and two, or three players will be transferring to other schools, more than likely.

Speculation on this one is running rampant that it is A.J. Stewart, possibly transferring to D-2 school Northern Kentucky University. The Lexington Herald-Leader's Jerry Tipton first commented a day or so ago that A.J. Stewart would be transferring, and that thought has picked up steam.

We'll know soon enough, more than likely. Coach Calipari will "tweet" us with the news, to all 81,047...81,048...81,049 of us.
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