KSR & Larry Vaught on Twitter

Kentucky Sports Report and Larry Vaught invite all KSR readers to follow them both this summer and beyond with a free Twitter account. You don't have to have a cell phone, and if you do, you don't have to receive text messages from it to keep up with the latest. Here's how.

First, let's get the obligatory out of the way. Neither Kentucky Sports Report or Larry Vaught are connected with Twitter in any other way than they each have accounts, have followers, and post updates that you'll love to receive.

Here's how it's done.

Go to www.twitter.com/MyKSR1 and www.twitter.com/vaughtsviews and click "follow." If you don't have a Twitter account, this is when you'll set one up.

The "default" is for no mobile text alerts to be sent. That's fine if you don't have a cell phone, or if you don't want text messages to be sent--but if you do, you'll have to turn mobile alerts "on."

One way that has been recommended to other KSR followers is to use "Tweetdeck," a free service that allows these "tweets"--or Twitter updates--to be accumulated in one location on the web for your view. Try them at http://tweetdeck.com/beta/.

Regardless of how you choose to follow Kentucky Sports Report and Larry Vaught, you'll be glad you did--and we're glad you did, too. Thanks for your patronage.

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