Wall creates lightning quick backcourt

The Mayor, Lonny Demaree, talks about the speedy backcourt UK could possess in 2009-2010 if Jodie Meeks returns to Kentucky, as many national talking heads are forcasting.

There are various features about players that make up a team and fans and radio-talk-shows attach monikers to those players and or positions on the team.

With the addition of America's no.1 player John Wall, they add a player with blazing speed to compliment the various assets of his game. So now with the anticipated return of Jodie Meeks to the Wildcats, to go along with the Eric Bledsoe signing, will create such dazzling backcourt speed that the naming convention will go into action to attach a trademark name for them.

Rewinding back to the past, a player with the speed possessed by Wall comes to mind as a comparative centerpiece – that being Dwight Anderson affectionately known as the "the Blur." Obviously this is relating to the speed he possessed on the court. Monikers at every level are always in vogue. With the NBA playoffs in progress, we often hear of Kenny "the Jet" Smith, who is one of the TNT pre-game, halftime, and post game analyst.

After talking to several fans, who remember Dwight Anderson and have seen enough of John Wall to make a comparison, who would get the edge in speed. The consensus was that ‘the Blur' gets the edge. We ask former UK head coach Joe Hall, who coached Anderson for a comparison of the two players and their games?

"There are a lot of similarities with Wall and Dwight Anderson. He (Anderson) had the dribble drive but didn't have the ability to finish like Wall. Wall has the unique ability of the drive, draw, and dish. To determine the speed of the two, you can't eyeball them – you would have to put the stop-watch on them," said Hall.

It has been a commonly held opinion that Meeks is one of the fastest players in America from one end of the floor to the other dribbling the ball. It's also a commonly held opinion that because of the speed and quickness of Wall, he is virtually un-guardable on the high school level.

University of Kentucky president Dr. Lee Todd said, "I'm thankful everyday that Mitch (Barnhart) is running the program." Barnhart could perhaps run for governor right now because of the hire of John Calipari.

Barnhart said his time here at Kentucky shows there is a passion for basketball at UK – from the cradle to the grave. Understanding of basketball belongs to Kentucky and Coach Rupp started it.

A suggestion to Barnhart, who is constantly looking for ways to generate revenue. Coach Cal has alluded to his desire to have something like fantasy basketball using former players. He could sell tickets at Shively Track Field to a match-race forty-yard, 100-meter, and 200- meter dashes, between Wall, Rajon Rondo, Jodie Meeks, Eric Bledose and throw in for good measure Wayne Turner and Cliff Hawkins. This would be something to behold.

Given that the college game is strongly predicated on strong guard play, Kentucky could have the makings of a team that should contend for the national championship. Though Calipari's squad appears capable of such a feat, the most difficult task may be managing all those ego's and keeping everybody happy.

I suspect Calipari will be able to handle that as easily as Pitino did during his glory years with Kentucky.

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