Kentucky WG targets perform well at Pangos

Will Barton and Doron Lamb, both highly touted wing guards, appear to be a couple of Kentucky's top targets at that position in the class of 2010. This weekend both young men were at the Pangos All American Camp, and both played well for their respective teams.

A couple of 2010 Kentucky wing guard products were at this weekend's Pangos All American camp and played well this weekend, Will Barton and Doron Lamb.

Oak Hill's Doron Lamb, the 6-4 guard out of New York City, showed why he is being heavily recruited.

Eric Bossi spoke with Lamb, and asked what he likes about Kentucky and new coach John Calipari.

"I like how he runs his system," Lamb told Kentucky Sports Report and Bossi. "It's an up and down system and that's how I like to play."

It also appears that UK may have an edge in that "Lamb is also keen on one of the guys Calipari has hired to help him recruit and coach", said Bossi in the report.

"Rod Strickland is a famous alumni from Oak Hill," said Lamb. "He's going to be coming out to the school looking to recruit and have fun. He's from New York, so we have a lot in common. They've offered me."

Lamb indicated to Bossi that he would like to make a decision early in his senior year, and is planning some unofficial visits this summer, one of which is likely to be to Lexington.

Scout's Dave Telep and Evan Daniels filed a report from day one at Pangos, and said of Lamb, "Here's why we like this guy so much. He's a competitor. Now, his camp team eventually succumbed but he had a run in him, always does. His attempt at spearheading a rally included steals and a series of jumpers. Without him they get pummeled."

The second day at Pangos Telep and Daniels said of Lamb, "During Lamb's evening game when his squad needed a bucket this 6-foot-5 shooting guard stepped up. His second half was strong, as he knocked in a trio of three-pointers as well as a pair of mid-range jumpers. His overall skill set is impressive and he's turned himself into quite a scorer."

Barton, out of Baltimore, was also impressive at Pangos. Telep and Daniels said of Barton first day at Pangos, "Over the course of the spring this 6-foot-6 wing has established himself as the top two-guard and a clear top 10 prospect. On day one of the camp, he made sure everyone knew he was there, as he was a nightmare for defenders. He only shot a pair of jumpers mainly because buckets were coming so easy at the rim. His aerial assault on the rim was noted, as was his offensive rebounding and overall aggressiveness. Barton is consistent with his effort and brings it on the court every time out."

Rumors have abounded that Kentucky leads for Barton. Barton denied this when he spoke to Bossi last weekend, but said Kentucky was s "high, high" on his list.

Bossi evaluated Barton at the Memorial Day Classic, and gave an evaluation of Barton and his game.

"(Barton) may be skinny, but it's easy to overlook when the dude produces like he does. Simply scintillating in a 36-point assault on Howard Pulley, he did it all. The 6-foot-6 do it all wing attacked off the dribble for floaters and jams, caught and fired from three and got himself to the three point line. His enthusiasm is infectious and he's a high level prospect in the mold of a young Larry Hughes or Jamal Crawford," reported Bossi.

Barton and Lamb are both rated as five star prospects by Scout.

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