NCAA Infraction Committee's Hearing -Memphis

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. - The NCAA Committee on Infractions had one case to hear today, and it was widely speculated that the hearing regarding Memphis University would take all day, and perhaps into the evening. Instead, the hearing lasted less than four hours, including two breaks, and concluded at approximately 12:15 p.m. ET.

The NCAA Committee on Infractions set one case to hear today, which generally indicates a complex matter. An NCAA spokesperson earlier indicated that it would not be unusual for the hearing to continue well after 5:00 p.m. Instead, the hearing, which concerned allegations directed at the University of Memphis, ended about 3 hrs, 45 minutes after it began, and that included two breaks.

By now, all UK fans are familiar with the subject matter--or the major media focus, at least. A player who played for Memphis in 2008, believed to be Derrick Rose, had an SAT score invalidated after being cleared by the NCAA Clearinhouse. The University of Memphis was notified after the NCAA tournament.

UK Coach John Calipari, then the head basketball coach at Memphis, was requested to participate via teleconference call from China, where he is on a Goodwill Tour trip. Calipari was specifically told by the NCAA that he was not considered at risk.

After the hearing concluded, the Lexington Herald-Leader's Jerry Tipton reported the following quote relayed from Memphis legal counsel Sheri Lipman with a statement from president Shirley Raines:

". . . We believe we were able to fully answer the Committee's questions and present the actions that we have already taken based up our internal investigation," Raines said. ". . . We are hopeful that we will receive a favorable decision." Tipton provided a live blog from just outside the hearing room. LHL link

Nothing more than rank speculation can be gleaned from the relatively short hearing, or the fairly optimistic-sounding words from Memphis president Raines. But a decision from the Committee is expected within six to eight weeks, and possibly sooner.

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