DEMAREE: Jarmon career ended

What could've precipitated a Saturday morning press conference at the Memorial Coliseum pressroom? Most likely nothing except the affected person Jeremy Jarmon requested it. Jarmon wanted to leave nothing to speculation.

The University of Kentucky defensive end has been ruled in eligible for his senior season after inadvertently taking a dietary supplement that contained a substance banned by the NCAA. The football program, the university, and community loses a very good football player, a outstanding leader, and a dynamic citizen in this community.

"Every since I was six years old I wanted to play for the University of Kentucky," Jarmon said. "I wanted to attend UK and graduate. I remember when coach Brooks and coach Ortmayer came and sat down in my home and offering me an opportunity to come to the university of Kentucky." He said he came to UK to turn the program around and he felt like he did that in light the fact the team has been to three straight bowls.

He said he was there today to discuss the substance he took or the place where he bought it, but to discuss his choice to live a healthier life. Jarmon said his desire was to get his weight and body fat down from 286-pounds to 275-pounds and he had come to within two pounds of the goal. He said he was looking for something high in amino acids and in addition to that the salesperson suggested another supplement that happened to be a banned substance.

He had been taken off of physical activities because of rotator cup tendinitis (shoulder). From January 22 to March 29 he didn't exercise or lift weights. He said that normally he would have been around the strength coach, who would have inform him what was a banned but circumstance's didn't allow.

"I had an opportunity to graduate in December but I decide to stretch out my classes and announce a second major,' he said. Jarmon has completed his degree in political science and is studying in France this summer as he works on his second major, which is theater.

Jarmon said he would speak to his teammates in June when they all return for classes and summer workouts. At a point late in reading his approximately four page state, he became maudlin and at that point the press conference got emotional for as well as some of the press present. He termed coach Rich Brooks as an absolutely amazing person. "I was born a Kentucky, I will die a Kentucky fan and I will be a Wildcat for life," he tearfully expressed. After the presser, many of the press rush over express their regrets and wish him well.

These random drug test are conducted at time of their (NCAA) choosing throughout the year and on this occasion, 38 players were tested.

Mitch Barnard said he was glad that Jarmon got a chance to take his team back to his hometown - Memphis - and play. "I've never seen a guy more excited to go home and play in front of his hometown fans," Barnard said. He said don't lose sight of the fact that he has represented the face of this program in many different ways. It takes quite a guy to stand up hear and speak of this.

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