WWJD? 29 hours and counting for Jodie Meeks

With the Monday, June 15 5:00 p.m. ET deadline to withdraw from the NBA Draft looming, all eyes turn to Kentucky's All-American Jodie Meeks. Has he played his last game in a UK uniform, or will we see him in the dribble-drive motion offense of John Calipari next year? WWJD--What Will Jodie Do?

Meeks is believed to be a likely second round NBA Draft pick, but will that be good enough for him to remain in the draft? It is widely believed that fellow All-American, Luke Harangody of Notre Dame, simply needs an assurance of guaranteed money to remain in the draft, although it's a virtual certainty he's a second round pick.

All kind of rumors and speculation are rampant, but one thing is for certain. The decision will come soon. Even no decision is a decision, with the deadline a mere 29 hours away.

A John Calipari Facebook page posted yesterday that Jodie Meeks was returning.

John Calipari has no Facebook page. Or, at least, none connected to him. He also has no MySpace page. What he does have, of course, is a Twitter account--and at last count, more than 186,000 followers. None of those 186,000 have heard him announce anything about Jodie Meeks, however, and he will likely allow Jodie to make his own announcement, and then follow that if necessary--just as he did when Patrick Patterson announced he was returning to Kentucky.

Kentucky fans have precedent for the last minute decision. In 2000, senior-to-be Jamaal Magloire was faced with the same decision. "It's a win-win situation," Magloire said. "I wanted to make a great decision, not a good decision. The great decision was to come back."

Magloire, a border-line first round pick, returned to Kentucky and later became an NBA All-Star--a great decision for him. There are no guarantees, but Kentucky fans hope Meeks follows the same path as Magloire. He can live his dream, and potentially play in the NBA next year for a lot of money--or he can return to Kentucky, possibly play for a national championship and improve his NBA stock, and later live his NBA dream. Two good choices. The question remains--which one is the great choice?

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