Scout says Meeks will be in NBA next year

Did Jodie Meeks make the right decision by leaving his name in the NBA draft? According to one NBA scout who asked to remain anonymous because his team has an interest in Meeks, it depends on your perspective.

"If he just wants to be paid for playing, then it is a good decision," said the scout. "If he's rolling the dice and hoping to be a first-round pick, then it is a bad decision."

However, the scout thinks even if Meeks is a second-round pick as most analysts think he will be, he'll still be on a NBA roster next season.

"I think he will make a team. I will be stunned if he is not on a team next year. If we don't draft him and he's let go by another team, we will pick him up in a heartbeat," the scout said. "He's better than a lot of the shooting guards in the league right now.

"The vast majority of second-round guys don't make it, but there are some who make it every year and stay in the league for a long time."

The scout isn't concerned with the knock on Meeks that he can't create his own shot.

"There are not a ton of guys in the league that can really create their own shots with the defense that is played night in, night out. I know people think it is a bunch of baloney, but there is great defense played in the NBA. Those guys defend every night and make it hard for anybody to get a shot on his own," the scout said.

"So if he goes back to UK, will he be able to create his own shot a year from now better than he can right now? I don't think so. He's a shooter, He can take the ball to the rim and finish. And he's a great defender. He'll be playing somewhere next year and if that's what he wanted, then he made the right decision."

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