Easier now to play Wall, Bledsoe together

He's not talked to Eric Bledsoe since he came to Kentucky to start summer school, but coach Maurice Ford knows his former star high school player could benefit from Jodie Meeks' decision not to come back to Kentucky for his senior season.

"I didn't really know he wasn't coming back. I just thought he would. But this could help Eric," said Ford. "Jodie was a shooter and scorer. I don't know who else they have to fill that role on the perimeter, but it should make it easier for them to play together."

The "them" is Bledsoe and John Wall, both incoming point guards. Ford openly pondered what might happen to Bledsoe after Wall, one of the nation's top three recruits, signed with the Cats after Bledsoe already had. He worried that Bledsoe might find himself sitting on the bench more than he anticipated.

John Calipari insisted he would play Wall and Bledsoe together. Now it seems it will be much easier for him to do that, too.

"It will be hard for them to guard the two of them together," Ford said. "I kind of figured that if Jodie didn't come back, then John (Calipari) would have no choice but to play them together. I don't think (Jon) Hood is ready to play that role because he's more of just a spot up shooter.

"I think now that you can see Eric and John (Wall) playing a lot more together. The situation is going to work out fine. They will make freshman mistakes, but they will be fine in the SEC. I don't think the SEC, except for Mississippi State, is going to be as good this year and Eric and John (Wall) will be able to tear up a lot of people."

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