Experts discuss Eric Bledsoe, 3 of 3

Kevin Scarbinsky covers Southeastern Conference basketball for the Birmingham News. Dave Telep and Evan Daniels are national recruiting analysts for However, all three know plenty about Birmingham point guard Eric Bledsoe and offer their insights into his decision to play for the Wildcats.

Question: Since Bledsoe seemed to fill the one big void Calipari still had at Kentucky, what do you think this UK recruiting class could mean for SEC basketball?

Scarbinsky: "If this class is as good as advertised, it means trouble for the rest of the SEC. It means Kentucky will be back in a big way in a hurry. For a parallel, see Nick Saban at Alabama. A proven coach at a proven program is as close to a guarantee as it gets."

Daniels: "I think it means more for the program, than their conference. Calipari and Kentucky are a dangerous combination and he's proving that earlier than anyone expected. He went from what was going to be the top recruiting class at Memphis to what is shaping up to be the best recruiting class in 2009 at Kentucky."

Telep: "SEC basketball took a beating the past two seasons. It simply wasn't the same league we've all come to know and expect. Now there are some real sluggers on the sidelines that are mixing with an outstanding group of young coaches. The profile of the league went way up in the offseason. It's a big deal."

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