Chris Demaree: We had to coach ourselves

Former University of Kentucky defensive lineman Chris Demaree always knew UK had far better defensive talent than what it appeared when he played for the Wildcats.

During his career, which included 41 games, he never could complain about the coaching. However, he can now and leaves no doubt that the Cats had little confidence in defensive coordinator Mike Majors.

"At the team hotel the night before the games after the defensive team meeting we would meet afterwards and say, ‘If coach Majors calls this, we are not going to do this. We are going to do that,'" Demaree said. "Marlon McCree would tell us if he says that, we just are not going to do it because we know it won't work.

"We had to coach ourselves. We knew we were going to be put in a bad position. If we were going to be put in that position and look bad like it was our fault even though it wasn't, we had to do something. To avoid that, if he called this and we see this formation or that, we didn't do that because we knew he would call a bad play and put us in a bad spot. We used to do that a lot. We were on our own a lot."

What did the UK defensive coordinator under Hal Mumme say when the players didn't follow his call?

"He didn't even know about it. He really didn't know anything. If you are holding numbers up as plays and you hold the same number up 30 times in a game, you don't think the other team will look over and see what we are calling," Demaree said.

"We had no coaching. I can say that now. We had some horrible defensive coaches. I have played on a lot of professional teams and been around a lot of people and once I left I knew how bad it was. My last year it improved with coach (Guy) Morriss as head coach and things got better with coach (Rick) Smith (as defensive coordinator). I wish we did have better coaching. Some position coaches were solid, but you could only do so much because your hands were tied."
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