Meeks inks guaranteed deal with Bucks

Bucks make strong statement by giving Meeks a three-year contract, the first two guaranteed.

While Jodie Meeks did not receive the three-year guaranteed deal his first round counterparts did he has signed a three-year contract with the Milwaukee Bucks. The first two years of the deal are guaranteed. This is a big time statement that indicates that Meeks is not going to be your average second round player. It appears that the Bucks see Meeks as a contributing player to the team over the next two seasons, and possibly a third.

The deal is also huge for Meeks, and his future. This fall instead of just being focused on making the squad Jodie can relax a bit a focus on improving his game and focus on becoming an NBA level talent

Currently Jodie is preparing to play with the Bucks' entry in the Las Vegas Summer League, where he will square off against other rookies and players who are not yet safely established in the NBA.

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