Boyd prepares for another stab at NFL: Pt 2

He's been working out in Minnesota with the NFL's premier receiver, Arizona's Larry Fitzgerald, to make sure he's ready for another chapter in his professional football life.

"I won't stop until this arm falls off or God directs me in another place. I still feel I have that big break, or another big break, in me. A guy like (Arizona quarterback) Kurt Warner didn't play his first game in the NFL until he was 29 years old. I am only 26. I am still in the prime of my life. There is no stopping me really as long as I don't give up."

Boyd learned patience at Kentucky. After a brilliant football and baseball career at Henry Clay High School in Lexington, Boyd had an up-and-down career at Kentucky. He played in 36 games, but started only 16. He finished his college career with 2,484 passing yards and 13 touchdowns and rushed for 845 yards and 13 scores.

Yet he was in an out of the starting rotation and was even used at receiver to take advantage of his athleticism.

"Anybody that followed my career knows what all I went through at UK. It helped me not just in practice or on the field, but in every aspect of my life," Boyd said. "It has made me stronger to continue what I am doing.

"I had to develop patience because I had to be patient there. It helped me in a lot of ways, but it helped me be patient. But I still want to be that guy and back in that starting role." That's why he says he has been "soaking up" all he can from the starting NFL quarterbacks he has been around to make himself better.

"At this level, it is mental. Everybody can run. Everybody can catch. Everybody can block and tackle," Boyd said. "It's just all mental. It's just beating people on the other side of you. I work out with guys and continue to learn." That's why he was in Minnesota recently -- and will be going back -- throwing passes to Fitzgerald and Brandon Marshall, another top NFL receiver, as well as former NFL greats like Jerry Rice and Cris Carter who came to help Fitzgerald.

"Those guys make me look good," Boyd, who says Dallas quarterback Tony Romo may soon come to work out with them also, said. "I don't have to throw the ball great for them to make me look good, but we still work hard."

Boyd said he became friends with Fitzgerald during his time with the Cardinals. The two often worked out together then and not only did Boyd respect Fitzgerald's work ethic, but he says Fitzgerald thought he worked out as hard, or harder, than anyone else on the team.

"We have always stayed friends. We still work out," Boyd said. "He's the best receiver in the game. That's why guys like Jerry Rice love to work out with him. I'm just lucky to get to be part of a star-studded group like that. For a young quarterback who wants to continue to play, I couldn't ask for anything better."

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