Pt 4:Sister played role in Ellis' development

Fonda Ellis says there's no doubt that her daughter, Savannah, had a huge impact on the basketball skills her son, sophomore Perry Ellis, has that have made him potentially the No. 1 player in the class of 2012.

Savannah Ellis, who now plays at Memphis, was an all-state player at Wichita Heights who helped her team win two state championships. Last year as a freshman, Perry Ellis was the player of the year in Kansas and averaged a double-double for a team that won the state championship.

"His sister had a big impact on him," Fonda Ellis said. "When she was going through the recruiting process, it was not at such a young age. She didn't even start playing until the seventh grade. Then she was a freshman in high school before she really got the hang of things, started to really like basketball and played on some AAU teams. She first started getting college looks as a sophomore.

"Perry has had people looking at him since seventh grade. But she was such a good student and role model for him. He looks up to her still. They talk on the phone. She told him to make sure he started his freshman year in high school with good grades. She told him not to wait because your grades count right away. It must have have an impact because he had a 4.0 grade-point average this year.

"They played a lot of basketball together growing up. My daughter was bigger than him, so they would get into a lot of fights. Finally they stopped playing when she got too big. She is 6-1 and has long arms. She plays the post in college. She was just too big for Perry, but that didn't stop them from getting into some brawls in the front yards. But he really looks up to her and respects her."

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