VAUGHT: How many frosh RBs will play?

Kentucky coach Rich Brooks isn't sure how many true freshmen the Wildcats will need to play this season.

"I think 10 or 11 could be high. On the other hand, I really won't know until I see them on the field after a week or two of practice. There's no question a few years ago a lot more of these freshmen would have played than what they will this year," Brooks said.

Brooks wouldn't be surprised if perhaps two of his incoming freshmen running backs did play. The Cats have three running backs — Dakotah Tyler, Jonathan George and Donald Russell — joining the team this year.

"I don't know which one or which two it will be, but from a depth standpoint — and injuries do occur — we will take a long, hard look at all three and determine who is the most ready to help this year," Brooks said.

Kentucky has one senior running back in Alfonso Smith, a back coming off a knee injury in Derrick Locke and sophomore Moncell Allen who is back eligible after missing spring practice for academic reasons.

"There was a lot of uncertainty about our running back position during the recruiting period. That's partially why we were able to sign three players so talented in the same year," Brooks said. "Even with them all returning and healthy, there would still be playing time for at least one of those freshman backs.

"The opportunity to come in and play early and have an impact and not having a true freshman last year at running back played into our hands in recruiting these backs this year. We are fortunate to have three backs this good coming in together and we'll just see how it shakes out as to who plays the quickest."

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