DEMAREE: Ford will make good coach

Having observed DeMoreo Ford work on the practice field in the spring and the seven-on-seven passing league tournament this summer.

Having observed DeMoreo Ford work on the practice field in the spring and the seven-on-seven passing league tournament this summer, he has the look of a coach with a bright coaching future. He is assisting Joker Phillips with the wide receivers as a student coach.

Ford has always exhibited the personality with his light-hearted copying the media during the interview process of other players. He would sometimes put an object up to a player mouth pretending to be interviewing the individual. His sense of humor can translate well on the practice field with players as well as on the recruiting trail. His tough, physical demeanor as a player would also fit the toughness necessary for his players to compete on the field of play.

Asked how he is taking to the change from player to coach? He said - "It's great, I‘m loving it. It's different from coming out here and running around. But mentally, it's basically the same. At first the players said it looked a little bit weird. When I was a player they all respected me as a coach. It was a little bit weird at first but now they all respect me as a coach with the title of coach."

He was asked when did he know you he wanted to be a coach? "The first time was when I was senior in high school," Ford said. "In high school at LaGrange I got kicked out of a game and the Georgia rule states you can't come back for one game. That next week I had to coach and it was so much fun and it's the same fun I'm having now."

He said that every player they have from last season has matured vastly and it carried over to the spring. He said - "Number 19 (E. J. Fields) is a natural even though he played quarterback in high school. I think he will do great job with No. 19 (Keenan Burton) and as his career goes on I think he will be even higher."

He's always been a coach, Brooks said. "There's really no change. He's out here and helping like he always did. During the bowl practice we all clicked and we all started working harder. Ford wants to be a high school coach so this is a great opportunity for hm to help the young players.

"He's been like one of the old guys I had," Joker Phillips explained. "He's like Keenan and Tommy Cook and he's helping me a lot. He's actually a coach now. One of the things we've been trying to coach is effort. I've been coaching effort and DeMoreo has been coaching execution and assignment. The first couple of days this fall, we've got to train our guys mentally to give more effort."

So if Ford matches that look of a up and comer as a coach, come day he could become a hot commodity on some staff or as a head coach.

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