All-star game learning experience for Newton

Morgan Newton did not play as well as he hoped in the Grange Insurance Indiana Football North-South All-Star Classic last weekend in Indianapolis.

The University of Kentucky freshman quarterback was only 5-for-18 passing for 103 yards with one interception and he ran 11 times for 30 yards.

"Statistics don't always reflect the kind of game you have," said John Newton, Morgan's father. "Stats don't say how many dropped balls there were, patterns run short and that kind of thing. You have players from every class of football in Indiana playing."

Newton, Indiana's Mr. Football, still threw for more yards than any quarterback in the game.

"Morgan had a problem in the game because he had been practicing with UK guys for four weeks and the speed at UK is so much faster. He had to slow the speed down to some of his teammates to try and make plays. He wasn't used to throwing to the guys and he had to try to read just some," John Newton said.

"The guys at UK are just so much faster overall. But you don't make excuses. You have to adjust. But it doesn't help when you alternate series at quarterback. That makes it hard to get any continuity going. If you make a mistake, it's hard to make up for."

There were some media reports that Newton did not practice well and had discipline problems with the all-star team.

"He did come in a little bit late one night. He had some friends come down to visit him at the dorm and he was just hanging out and talking. He came in a little bit after 11 the first night and the coaches said something to him about it," John Newton said. "

"He didn't think much about it. He's not one to do anything crazy. Morgan told me about it and I called the coaches and they explained what had happened. I don't care if he got a mosquito bite, I am all over him and he knows it. I just told him you can't be one minute, or even one second, late. He had friends visit and they should have left earlier.

"Kids can go out. It's not like they are locked in the dorm. Morgan just stayed out too long and then they probably wanted to make an example out of him since he was Mr. Football. But it was no big deal."

What about bad practices?

"I talked to the (all-star) coaches daily and was there for most of the practices. Nobody said anything about it to me. I thought he looked pretty good," John Newton said.

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