Quincy Miller: "I have a lot to work on yet"

"I go by ‘Q'," he announced after I called him ‘Quincy,' "but that's ok," he continued, "everybody gets it wrong."

"I go by ‘Q'," he announced after I called him ‘Quincy,' "but that's ok," he continued, "everybody gets it wrong."

Miller is a tall young man; listed at 6-foot-7 but whose coach recently said had grown to 6-foot-9. But he doesn't look intimidating. He smiles a lot, is quite polite and looks like a gentle soul, at least off the court.

"My favorite event this year was the Pangos All-American Camp," Q said, "I really feel like I did well there."

Miller's coach had recently indicated that Q was offensively minded; he agreed, "I don't think there's any question about that," he said, "I definitely like the ball in my hands on offense. I love to attack the basket."

Q acknowledges that, despite the accolades he has been receiving, he has a lot of work ahead of him, "I have to continue to work on my whole game; defense for sure but it's more than that; I know I have to really build up my strength for one thing; and I know I need to work a great deal on my ball-handling ability."

Although it's early in the process, those who take special note of which school get mentioned first when asked about recruiting may be surprised, "Kentucky has been on me a lot, at least lately," Q said, "but Duke, Wake Forest, South Carolina, Oklahoma and lots of others have been calling. I have visited some schools like Duke and Wake Forest. I'll visit more; Kentucky for sure."

Q took a moment to compliment all the schools and coaches that have been calling him; of Kentucky he said, "They have really been bringing in the talented players. I like that. I like to play with the best; that's attractive. I also like coach Calipari's dribble-drive offense. It looks exciting."

Q insists, however, that it is far too early in the process for him to name any school a leader and doesn't want it implied that he will necessarily stay in his home state of North Carolina, "I am going to play wherever I feel most comfortable; wherever the fit is best. If that's in North Carolina, that's fine; but if it's somewhere else, that's fine too. But that is still down the road; I just want to concentrate on getting better for right now."

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