Part 5: Vist to UK surprised Perry Ellis

During one recent camp game, Fond Ellis looked around and saw coaches John Calipari, Bill Self, Roy Williams, Jeff Capel, Josh Pastner and Frank Martin all watching her son, 6-8 Perry Ellis, play.

"It was just amazing to me that they were all looking at him," she said. "He's just going to be a sophomore and some of the nation's best coaches are watching.

"We kind of went through something like this with my daughter, but not to this extent. We aren't blind about recruiting. We have at least experienced how coaches act and what the recruiting process is like because of her. That's why we thought we would travel some this summer and at least let him visit some schools at an early age so that would be done and taken care of."

One of those visits was to Kentucky July 4th. She surprised her son by making arrangements with the UK staff to stop there as they were driving from visiting her daughter in Memphis to a summer camp in Ohio. They toured the campus and Joe Kraft Center with assistant coach Orlando Antigua and new staff member Martin Newton.

"We got to see everything except Rupp Arena because it was closed for something that was going on," Fonda Ellis said. "We got to see Wildcat Den where the players stay, but they were remodeling there to make it even nicer. We got to meet (freshman) DeMarcus Cousins, and that was cool."

She didn't tell her son they were going to make the stop.

"Sometimes, even at his age, it's nice just to have a surprise," she said. "He knew we were driving to Ohio, but I thought Lexington was on the way and we should stop, and he was glad we did. At first, he was wondering why we stopped and then he said coach Orlando. We got to know him real well at Memphis. I really like him. He's down to earth and is always smiling."

Fonda Ellis says she and her husband will not try to influence where Perry wants to go to school when it is time to make a decision.

"We are okay with where he wants to go, but we want to go to all the games we can. Our daughter did not want to stay around home. She wanted to go where we could still get to in a day if we needed to. I don't know what Perry thinks yet. We really don't talk about what he is thinking. We do not want him to think about what he needs to decide now. We want him to see what is out there, meet the coaches and see what his options are. There's no rush to make a decision," Fonda Ellis said.

She hopes everyone remembers her son is not yet 16 years old. He still spends his free time playing X-box. "He plays that all the time and plays against people all over the place. He will get online and find somebody to play against," she said.

He won't go online to check recruiting rankings or Internet stories about himself, but she does.

"I have a problem with that. I want to know what it is people are saying. I do search the Internet. Thank goodness my son is not into that at all," she said.

"He's really kind of shy. He is getting better with the media stuff. He doesn't like it yet, but he's learning to talk to the media more and more. He's a quiet kid, but he's learning to deal with things better. When Kentucky offered him a scholarship, he said, ‘That's cool.' That's how he is. He's just a little kid in a big body."

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