Tywanna Patterson: Patrick looks great

Tywanna Patterson and her husband, Buster, recently spent a week in San Francisco. "It's so beautiful there," she said. However, this wasn't just a sightseeing trip.

Instead, the Pattersons went to watch their son, Patrick, and incoming UK freshman teammate work out at a camp they are spending two months at honing their basketball skills and increasing their strength and stamina.

"We are looking forward to Patrick getting back in August," she said.

Tywanna Patterson shared a few insights about her trip.

Question: How did Patrick look and has he really gained weight while getting slimmer like Larry Orton, Daniel's father, said when he visited?

Patterson: "Larry Orton is correct! Patrick looks great! Yes, he has gained weight but it's ALL muscle! He is ripped, stronger and very toned."

Question: How hard were those workouts and do it hurt you just to watch them?

Patterson: "The workouts are really hard, but Patrick is doing great and getting better each day with each workout! He has always had great work ethic and he is getting it done, so it was not really hard to watch. It made us proud to see him working hard like he usually does and getting it done."

Question: Is he really knocking down all those outside shots like Larry Orton said?

Patterson: "Yes, Larry is correct again! Patrick is knocking down outside shots, extending his long-range jump shots, and knocking down 3-pointers. You will see a more versatile Patrick and what he is capable of doing. Get ready!"

Question: How did Daniel seem to you?

Patterson: "Daniel is also doing great as well and has lost weight. He is stronger and added muscle as well. He and Patrick look great! You wait until you see them both. We are very proud of them and their hard work ethic!"

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